My journey in film started many years before I even knew it had began. Sitting on a sunny beach with my family’s home video camera; looking at the world through a lens. On that day a passion was born and an adventure began.

Over the next twenty years I cut my teeth on countless projects and have emerged not only a jack of all trades but a film maker, philosophically as well as practically. My Technical skill drives the delivery of the final product but it’s my unique insight inspired by a love for my craft that makes each of my films special.

BRENDAN-1-smallFor me film making cannot help but be a personal endeavour and although each project is different I always imposes my signature style on each film. That is my job. To capture an atmosphere, to bring to life the essence of an idea; to envision beauty – in all of its forms and bring it to life for the audience.

I recently had the honour of having my work broadcast and used in the documentary “The Rise Of The Sufferfest”, and I consider this a testament to my discipline and dedication as much as aptitude – only achieved through an intense desire to render the world, and everyday life, in a medium that is as versatile as it is expressive. My adventure continues on a daily basis as I endeavour to ensnare the beauty of life with the power of a lens…

…and I hope to continue this journey with you on your next project.




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I’m honoured you want to work with me. I always prefer to get to know each other before embarking on your next project so please take the time and provide some contact details and information about your project and I will get back to you and we can discuss your requirements in detail or alternatively you can contact me direct via email at

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